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Giclee Prints

The Giclee (zhee-clay) process creates high quality prints of art work from many media. I use it to produce excellent reproductions in limited editions of my paintings and drawings.

I have also chosen Giclee as the sole medium in which to complete my transformed photographs. I work step by step with expert print-makers to attain the ideal balance and subtle nuances. The intensity of color, clarity of line, and lush, velvety surface of Giclee prints give the ideal means to transform these images from photos to something unique and quite different.

Both inks and papers used in Giclees are archival, acid free, and conservation quality. They resist fading and discoloration, and have a long life expectancy (estimated to be at least 75-100 years). These prints, whether of photographs or works in other media, are now widely accepted as works of art that stand on their own, and are suitable for collection.

Photos transformed may be printed in a range of sizes.

Giclee prints are available for all paintings, including those that have been sold.

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