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celebrate & commemorate

Create a unique object to celebrate and remember an important event or a beloved person.


Altars, containers, masks, scrolls, books, dolls, and many more. No art skill or experience needed. Honest.


Creating individual or group objects that express meaning is both contemplative and communal. 

Whether the event is a party or a memorial, the process of creating and sharing is a joyful one.  It creates deep connection among participants and provides a lasting visual memory of the experience.

Each Life-Event Calls for a Creative Process to Match the Occasion

  • Head-dresses at a party can be hilarious and lighten inhibitions, leading to spontaneous improvisational skits.

  • Creating a commemorative book for the family of someone who has died can be emotionally supportive and enhance the healing process.

  • Sending a son or daughter off to college with a scroll of memories can ease the pain and anxiety of separation.

Our lives are full of special moments and people. We enrich our lives through acts of commemoration.

  • a birth, adoption, or arrival of a foster child

  • a special birthday, Bnai Mitzvah, confirmation

  • a marriage or commitment

  • anniversary or a couple, of friends, or a group

  • a divorce, separation, letting go

  • a new career or retirement

  • an achievement, journey completed, challenge survived

  • a public holiday, or a date you mark each year

  • a recovery from an illness or injury

  • a geographic move, house sale, business closing

  • a recovery from an illness or injury

  • a celebration of the life of a loved one who has died

  • a new business, project, school enrollment

  • a social act of justice or injustice


Plan the workshop that fits your family, group, or workplace

I will meet with you to plan the workshop or party segment that fits your needs. I will work collaboratively with you to decide on budget, theme, format, mood, and other details.


Private Sessions

You may want an individual experience of creating a personal commemorative object. You can arrange one or more private sessions in which I will help you to create an object for yourself or as a gift.


Sometimes it is not possible or desirable for you to make your own object. I can create a commemorative object for you using materials you provide or select, with guidance and consultation from you.

Email for consultation or estimate of fee.

As a retired psychotherapist, I bring to this work training and experience that is useful in guiding and supporting people through the creative process, and in dealing with life events that are emotional. But this work is not psychotherapy.

Nor is it art school. Many people are burdened with fear of creating something visual with their own hands, hearts, and minds. This is sad.

Opening the door for others to the relaxed though intense creative acts of which we are all capable is immensely rewarding.

I take great joy in helping people overcome fear of art-making. I have studied many methods of using arts (visual, writing, dramatic) to enhance creative process and to heal. I have led silly (but profound) workshops at birthday parties, as well as ones dealing with loss and raw grief, and many ones in between.

Whatever the occasion, people provided with a supportive environment, easy-to-use materials, and an experienced guide, enter deeply into the creative process. We are hand-wired for it. Our souls and our bodies want it. The focus is on process, not product. Yet out of that process reliably come objects of great meaning, often surprising, sometimes beautiful, almost always treasured.

Come discover!

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